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Dance of Love
"Dance of Love"
The prison of love, hard to break
See right past them, transparent bars
Deceiving only fools
Who try to grasp nothing
The chamber of love, hard to escape
See only darkness, shadows from shadows
Pulling in the flies
Drawn to such brilliant light
The pedestal of love, easy to flee
See the single pedestal, the perceived world
Behold this great microcosm
The play that is itself, nothing else
The meadow of love, easy to blossom
See only flowers, dancing with the wind
This beauty graces the world
Waltzing together, never apart
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Drove Away the Night
"Drove Away the Night"
Beauty of mystery
Lost in history
Standing before me
Here lies the key
Her comforting gaze
Pt me in a haze
Whose wondrous glow
Felt like falling snow
My ever-beating heart
Skipped from the start
From looking in those eyes
I could only see clear skies
My beautiful love
Sent from above
Whose radiant light
Drove away the night
Her soft, gentle kiss
Sends me into bliss
Whose succulent taste
I could never replace
With a warming embrace
And a tear on her face
She tried to turn away
But I told her to stay
I told her to stay
(Refrain x2)
(End Verse)
I will always want you, love
And I'll always need you, love
So long as you stay my light
Driving away my lonely night
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I Would Say
"I Would Say" (Song)
They would say, love has come and gone
I would say, our love is never wrong
And they would say, love is in the past
And I would say, our love will always last
Cause as I look into the sky
Seeing all the clouds roll by
In an endless sea of brightest blue
The only one that I can see is you
With eyes so deep and bright
An embrace so warm and tight
With a happy loving kiss
That I will never have to miss
And when everything is hazy
They would say our love is crazy
I would say it's only partly true
Cause the only one I'm crazy for is you
They would say, our love's a waste of time
I would say, a waste that's so sublime
And they would say, love is in your head
And I would say, it stays until I'm dead
Cause as I look from up on high
Seeing everyone pass by
In an endless crowd of every hue
The only one I care about is you
(Refrain) * 2
I would say…Crazy for you
Crazy for you
Only for you
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The Real Gift
"The Real Gift"
This very special present
A loving gift that's sent
Without a pretty bow
Or men made out of snow
For you it's only meant
A gift you cannot see
Nor find under a tree
A feeling deep inside
One that cannot hide
Given to you from me
Like an angel from above
Or the coo of a dove
A feeling deep and true
Between both me and you
And that feeling, is love
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Lost and Found
"Lost and Found"
What once was eternally lost
Is now forever gone
But when I strayed from the path
You were there to guide me
You are my guiding light
My glowing beacon of hope
Guiding me through the depths of darkness
In my ever-doubtful heart
You guide my forever lost soul
Lost in my own despair and doubt
Bringing me from my chasm of loneliness
To once again bathe in light's fervent beauty
What once was eternally lost
Is now forever found
And if I ever stray from the path again
You'll always be there to find me
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Wasted Years
"Wasted Years"
My heart is ill at ease
In this barren desolate, land
Devoid of all emotion
Except perhaps lethargy
People all around me
With lifeless, blank stares
In a slumber of the mind
Leading them to despair

It seems essential to life
That brings forth knowledge, wealth
But alas the years waste away
Oh how I despise this treachery
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My Sweetheart
"My Sweetheart"
In everything you do
And everything you are
It fills me to the brim
With eternal loving joy
You smile sweetly at me
A simple yet loving smile
That's so warm and joyous
It melts away my sorrows
This contagiously happy feeling
Spreads like blazing wildfire
That sparks the happiness within
And I smile right back
You kiss me in return
And our joyous fires within
Become one and the same
Dancing in the fire of passion
And even as we part
Our fires remain one
Dancing together eternally
Through the dark of night  
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You always knew him well
For his warm and loving smile
But even the brightest light
Creates the darkest shadows
He wields a heavy heart
From the sins of the past
Bearing unbearable burdens
With only himself to save him
So when you see him pass on by
With his warm and loving smile
You smile happily right back
And show him true happiness
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The End
The End
Death is near and yet is far
Firmly grasping the threshold
Of the lives we hold so dearly
And the very futures yet to come
It comes and goes freely
Like the ever-blowing winds
That caress our hot-blooded faces
Then bash our cold-hearted bosoms
Death is predictable yet never is
Everyone born into a dying world
And yet we never really know
When our end will truly come
So prepare for the journey's end
Living how you choose to live
For better causes to worse effects
May the end come swiftly to all
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My Love
“My Love”
My dearest love
How I need you so
Sitting there beside me
In life’s finite journey
You make me truly happy
In everyway possible
Loving me for me
Staying forever true
I shower you with kisses
Hugs to keep you warm
Never releasing my hold
For fear of losing you
I love you so very truly
You love me right back
Always right beside me
Lovingly and eternally
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Howl at the Moon
Howl at the Moon
Bright and luminous moon
Shining forever onto earth
Illuminating the dark of night
Perpetually looking down on me
I bask in the silver lunar rays
On this cold yet brilliant night
I howl into the void of darkness
Dispelling the shadows from within
Howling to the depths of the moon
Into the ocean of the night sky
My love for the moon, eternal
Like my cries that echo in the night
Dark foreboding clouds roll in
Covering the moon’s beautiful face
Storm clouds roar with heavy winds
Darkness blankets the land
As the beauteous light fades
And the darkness prevails
Fear slowly rises deep within
Like a spark lighting a fire
I howl out to the sky
Blinded by my raging fear
My cries fly off into the shadows
Fading into nothingness
My hope begins to fade
The darkness creeps into me
Just before my submission
Light shines on through
This ray starts off miniscule
A tiny glimmer of hope
That grows and expands outward
To dispel the fearsome darkness
As my shining love gazes at me
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For Better or Worse
“For Better or Worse”
There once was a man of the sea
Who thought he was better than me
But to his great dismay
He found a sting ray
And now he has only one knee
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Inner Voice
“Inner Voice”
Have you ever embraced?
Feeling such warmth
Cheek to cheek
Skin against skin
Have you ever kissed?
Feeling such passion
Eye to eye
Lips against lips
Have you ever loved?
Feeling such tenderness
Lover to lover
Love against the world
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Mature content
Blessed Wolf-Section 1 Intro :iconlink8522:Link8522 0 0
Mature content
The Blessed Wolf-Prolouge :iconlink8522:Link8522 1 2
The Truth of It
The Truth of It
To write from the soul
Is difficult and unsettling
The words will never sound
The same as the ones I hear
My mind is always filled
With so much feeling
So much emotion
But words can’t describe them
From mind to pen
And pen to paper
The words are never right
They never feel the same
I hate this wretched atrocity
This killing some call ‘poetry’
After all these words settle in
Would do you make of it?
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United States
Current Residence: Massachusetts
Favourite genre of music: Video game music (if it counts)
Favourite style of art: anything awesome
Shell of choice: .22 Caliber
Skin of choice: White Fur
Favourite cartoon character: Kratos, Okami Shiranui, Neku, Beat, Ichigo, Hiei, Yusuke, Tod, Toshiro, Light Yagami
Personal Quote: Originality speaks to the mind, creativity speaks to the heart
Hey guys. I usually don't do personal journals about my life but here goes...

I have to say that I am very excited about going back to school and such for Friday. I'm gonna be taking a lot of high level classes so it should be an interesting. I'm taking AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics, Honors Precalc, Honors English, and 2 religion classes.

I also recently just started writing up again. I want to make it a goal to write at least 1 poem a week. Sounds do-able right? I also want to work on my story when I get the time.

For anyone out there who stil knows I exist, thank you for your continued suport! =D
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  • Reading: Grendel
  • Watching: Futurama
  • Playing: Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Eating: Doritos
  • Drinking: Dr.Pepper


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LexPrailius Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
hello old friend, guess who's returning? :3
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Hey! It's good to hear from you again. How are you doing?
LexPrailius Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I've been doin all kinds of stuff lol, too much to say here, but for the moment, pretty decent I guess, tolerable would be accurate. I hope you're doing well, and glad you stuck around, I'm gonna be making a comeback soon :3
Link8522 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011
I'm always around on here. I just don't do much is all. But it is great to hear from you again. Maybe if I can help you start writing again then maybe you can help me too.
3wyl Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! :wave:

On behalf of #SixWordStories, I would just like to welcome you to the Group!

We have many ways for you to get involved. If you have past stories, just submit them to Freestyle, and it'll be accepted if it is a proper story. We also have Prompts, but they're a bit more restrictive... More information about them is displayed here. We have listed our guidelines here, which includes our definition on What is a Six Word Story? to help you. ^^;

If there are any queries, please don't hesitate to contact either me or =mode-de-vie. More of our Happenings are displayed on the right hand side of our page. :love:
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